Before You- Kathryn Freeman

I received this book in return for an honest review.

I LOVED this book. I found it hard to put it down- I did manage to for all of five minutes until I had to pick it up again.

I felt like I understood both main characters view points and enjoyed going on their journey with them. It was written well with a good pace that kept you wanting to read further.

Both characters became better versions of themselves with help form the other one, it was a beautiful love story. Well worth a read.


Wish List: City Love 4- Belinda Williams

I received this book in return for an honest review.

I enjoyed this book. It was well placed and nice. I didn’t feel there was anything that made it stand out from the crowd but it was an enjoyable read. I had not read any of the other books but this did not hinder this novel as it stood alone well. You could tell what the previous books had been however as this is the story of a group of friends finding their perfect men (for them).

The writing was good and it touched on emotional abuse. This was done well and showed how she had became a stronger person to over come her past to have good relationships with both her friends, work and herself.

This was a nice book to read on a relaxing afternoon.

Remember my Name, Abby Clancy

I recieced this book in return for an honest review, it’s a few days late as I have been on holiday!

I have to be totally honest when I say I wasn’t expecting a lot from this book, I was more intrigued than anything to give it a try. The book however did surprise me, it was good. At times I felt like it was going on a little bit and I was so annoyed with how niave/ stupid Jessy was.

I liked the way you saw into the character and she seemed so real and at times to say exactly what you are thinking too! The honesty that never leaves your mouth!

At the beginning I struggled as I didn’t know Liverpool and thought it was too restricted to there as a place, like I should understand the areas. Which in all honestly I would reckon not many would know.

I liked the ending, I don’t know if I have read to many that I knew where it was going to end or if it was a little predictable. But it’s a perfect read to laugh out loud to this summer.

Cocktail, sun and this book by the pool will definitely get you sunburn as you’ll forget to apply cream again when you’re so engrossed.

I like the fact it’s a stand alone novel and there was no hint at a book two, I look forward to her second novel.

As Good As New- Jennifer Dawson

I received this book in return for an honest review.

I thought this book was great. The main characters personalities were well written and easy to get an understanding of them. The chemistry between Penelope Evan was very well written.

The story line was a one that has been written numerous times but the writing made you forget that and you enjoyed this story.

Well worth a read.

Billy and Me – Giovanna fletcher

I was given this book in return for an honest review.

I am sorry to say that I thought this book was mediocre. I found the book lacking- I’m not sure what was lacking but I think it was in the main character Sophie. I didn’t feel like I connected to her.

The general story line I enjoyed and thought the ideas behind it were good- it just needed something. It was like a good cake that had everything there but it was missing the icing.

For me the book was okay- I wouldn’t be put off reading a story of hers again but I felt this book and been over hyped.

Calling It- Jen Doyle

I was given this title from Net gallery in return for an honest review.

I enjoyed this book- the story lines flowed well throughout and the characters were all likeable.

Its in the genre of chic lit and it fits the bill perfectly.I like the fact it alters between both the male and female leads.

I did feel like we saw into the lives of other characters which would leave room for related books. I like the idea of this as you would continue to see the characters grow from this book- the idea was subtily there which I liked as I find sometimes it is too far put in your face it detracts from the original story.

A well written easy read- highly recommended.


Always My Own- Tawdra Kandle

I received this book from Net Gallery in return for an honest review.

I have read a few books by Tawdra Kandle and have never been disappointed- once again I loved the book.

I love the style of writing where you get the view point from both Elizabeth and Trent, I feel that it gives both characters a fullness.

The story is apparently a follow on, I have not read the first book and believe this can be read as a stand alone novel and I think its more than worth a read!

The story follows the couple who had a whirlwind romance where they got married after not knowing each other long. Trent disappears and Elizabeth follows him back to his home town as she had already agreed to work there. This book follows the story of how they find their way back to each other and figure out what they want from their marriage.

A good read, simple, no twists- just figuring out love.

The Bucket List to mend a broken heart-Anna Bell

I received this book from Net Gallery in return for an honest review.

I felt like this book was a journey of self discovery to a certain extent and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I would recommend for anyone who loves chick lit, thinks things are impossible and wants to laugh out loud.

Abi, wants to win back her boyfriend, to do this she carries out a bucket list of his that she finds- this is book follows her as she completes them. The only problem I had with the book was I couldn’t understand how she wanted him back- but they do say love is blind.

The more items she ticked of her list the more I liked her. She was in some ways so realistic, you could imagine yourself doing some of the things!

This is a book of love lost and found, friendships and personal challenges. A must read.

Husband Wanted- Charlotte Hughes

I received this book from Net Gallery in return for an honest review.

I’m so sorry to say that I did not enjoy this book as much as I thought I would. I didn’t feel like I related to the characters very well and I just felt something was lacking, unfortunately I can put my finger on what.

Fanny lied to her the daughter that she gave up for adoption about the great life she had. When her daughter then wanted to visit she found a way to give herself this fake life.

She gains her fake husband, Clay, who between them have good chemistry and for me this helped to save it paired it Fanny’s relationship with Clay’s father.

The book was well written and the characters lives linked very well the general plot of the story flows, if not a bit predictable in places but over all an okay read.

Call me Maybe – Ellie Cahill

I received this book from Net Gallery in return for an honest review.

I think the book had all the makings of a great book however for me in areas it falls short. Clementine, is the leading lady who I find it hard to relate to and I think was where the downfall for me was. The book was okay and others might be able to relate to her but for me she was too naive ( I feel stupidly so)  even after having been stung before by an incident.

I loved the idea behind it and how the story flowed between two people who exchange phones by accident and get to know each other by taking messages for the other one until they can swap back. Even once they swap they continue to talk. The ideas, as I said previously are great. I just can’t bring myself to like Clem. Sorry!