Remember my Name, Abby Clancy

I recieced this book in return for an honest review, it’s a few days late as I have been on holiday!

I have to be totally honest when I say I wasn’t expecting a lot from this book, I was more intrigued than anything to give it a try. The book however did surprise me, it was good. At times I felt like it was going on a little bit and I was so annoyed with how niave/ stupid Jessy was.

I liked the way you saw into the character and she seemed so real and at times to say exactly what you are thinking too! The honesty that never leaves your mouth!

At the beginning I struggled as I didn’t know Liverpool and thought it was too restricted to there as a place, like I should understand the areas. Which in all honestly I would reckon not many would know.

I liked the ending, I don’t know if I have read to many that I knew where it was going to end or if it was a little predictable. But it’s a perfect read to laugh out loud to this summer.

Cocktail, sun and this book by the pool will definitely get you sunburn as you’ll forget to apply cream again when you’re so engrossed.

I like the fact it’s a stand alone novel and there was no hint at a book two, I look forward to her second novel.