Love Struck by Laurelin McGee

I received this book from NetGallery in return for an honest review.

In my review I write what I liked and disliked this is not a blurb of the story.

I enjoyed this book as it was a nice easy read. The characters weren’t just one dimensional they were more rounded due to their experiences. They averaged the age of the two characters as mid twenties and early thirties. When reading the book I felt like the thoughts of Lacy made me think she was more 19 than 26 her thoughts seemed younger; I also thought of Eli as being more mid 20s- this was in part to the way he acted however I think it was because Lacy seemed so much younger I presumed he would also be too.

The experiences that Lacy has been through were written well and its not just a rom com- its a story of re-finding who you are after a tragedy. At times though you will dis pare with Lacy and Eli I don’t understand  how they cant figure out who each other are when the have such a “deep” connection. I knew who each one was after reading a few chapters.

For a bit of light reading with a little something else, give it a go!


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