Sophie Childs- We Just Clicked

I received this book from NetGallery in return for an honest review.

After a busy time this book was a perfect release to enter a different world of chic lit, if you are a lover of Sophie Kinsella and Jill Mansell this is right up your street.

The book is about a woman who splits from her fiance and re-enters into dating, both set up by her mother and online. We follow her story of disaster dates trying to find someone normal and building a relationship with her mother.

I had moments where I dispared with the main character, Erin, because I felt she was being unfair and even though it was stated she was good at her job there wasn’t really any credibility to this- everything seemed to be wrong. On the other hand she was so easy to relate to (what she did do at work was so realistic- we’ve all done it) and funny; many moments I laughed out loud- I was asked by the other half what was so funny.

Well worth a read. I imagine this being perfect on a beach or even the back garden with a cocktail in hand!


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